Artist: Marty Casey & Lovehammers
Album: Marty Casey & Lovehammers
Year: 2006
Title: Call of Distress

Alone, days in my room alone
Cause no one is ever home
All I want is someone to talk to
And hear, here what I have to say
Tell me the pain will go away
I need someon eto so please come quickly


But there's no on here
To break my fall
There's no one here
To pick me up off the floor
I needed you, believed that you
Could rescue me
Cause of distress
Mayday Mayday

Go, why did you have to go
You ran away from me
You ran away from me
You knocked me off my feet
Blame, there's no need to blame
The reasons will never change what happened
In my room today


No one's ever home
And I'm always alone

You, my room will remind you
Deflated helium ballons
Distant birthday when I as happy
And you, you will be alright
It will just take time


But there's no one here

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