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*For EASIEST, see bottom of page.* Choose your favorite site, highlight and copy (Ctrl-C or right click->Copy) the code, then paste it in an email or link code (Ctrl-V or right click->Paste) and send it to your friends:

To add a link to one of the sites on your own site or blog, simply put <a href="LINK" target="_blank">NAME OF SITE</a> Then replace LINK with one of the links below, and replace NAME OF SITE with the name of the site. Example: <a href="" target="_blank">Trees Video</a> will result in: Trees Video

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Go to the video at iFilm, then click on the "Send to a Friend" button below the video. Click on "add from my address book," or enter the email addresses of your friends separated by commas. Enter your email address in the "From" box, then a short message to your friends. Then click "Send Now," and it will automatically send to all the addresses you entered!