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"Trees" by Marty Casey & Lovehammers
(previously known as Lovehammers, and Swinging Lovehammers):

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Lyrics (Sing Along):

CasualtyHold OnTreesRain On The Brain
The TunnelEyes Can't SeeRiddleClinic
Call Of DistressStraight As An ArrowClouds


Kristen Dyrr (Yahoo Featured Contributor in Arts & Entertainment Profile) &
J-Rich (Indispensible Industries)


Marty Doll representing: Marty Casey
Marty's Girl Doll representing: Some Doll
Billy Doll representing: Billy Sawilchik
Dino Doll representing: Dino Kourelis
Bobby Doll representing: Bobby Kourelis
Kristen Dyrr as Fan #1 & Jogger
Stephanie Normand as Fan #2
Erik G Dyrr as Baseball Fan

**Special thanks to Lorin Dyrr and Nicole Shahenian for all their help and support!

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